Professional Audio Technology, Business Branding and Solutions

Audio Mynd Productions proudly offers a wide variety of music and audio services, information, technology and creative solutions.


  • Explore original music videos, albums and songs created by the founder of Audio Mynd.

  • Experienced providers of professional studio recording, digital audio production and producing services.

  • Mobile and deliverable pro audio equipment rentals for events, weddings, parties and concerts. 


Web Services and Business Branding


  • If you need a website created, designed, developed and maintained we have affordable, expert services available and a large portfolio of brandable domains, creative business names and memorable company brands. 

  • Professional logo design, perfect for business cards, apparel, company letterheads, mailers, packaging and retail products.

  • Creative mottos, slogans, taglines and catch phrases.


Information, News and Politcal Satire


  • Check out our library of metaphysical information and collection of lost, forgotten surppressed technologies documentaries.

  • Tired of the old two party system and these self-serving, "buy partisan" politicians?  You're invited to The Cocktail Party 2024, we're shaking things up on the political scene!

  • Global warming, global cooling?  Renewable energy, solar power, wind turbines, green new deals, electric cars...what is going on here?!  Find out why you should Support Climate Change!